Shadow Trackers is

a Full Service Background Screening Company

We give Human Resource Professionals one less thing to worry about.  We provide quick turnaround times, accurate reporting and superior customer service.  Founded in 1992, Shadow Trackers has become one of the most trusted screening companies in the Industry. We offer customized programs for any sized business including nonprofit organizations and Franchises.  Our corporate offices are located in the Intermountain West and our clients are located throughout the United States. With state of the art online screening systems and a large selection of products, Shadow Trackers is ready to be your full service employment screening company.

Shadow Trackers prides itself on accuracy and attention to detail, and we can handle all of your requests, regardless of volume. We strive everyday to assist each client in launching and maintaining a successful employment screening program that is specifically designed to meet all of your needs.

* In states and or counties that require private investigators to be licensed, we utilize licensed private investigators for such work. Such license requirements are verified with each respective states licensing boards. In some instances, a third party may be used, who in turn utilizes a licensed private investigator from said states that require such licensing to retrieve particular information. Our goal is to protect all parties involved.