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About Us
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Shadow Trackers Investigative Services. is a full service background check, employment screening, and investigation firm.  Founded in 1992, Shadow Trackers has developed from a small, local investigator, to a global company servicing clients throughout the United States* and around the world.  Our corporate offices are located in Meridian, Idaho and house several departments to handle the needs of different types of clients.  With state of the art online entering systems for requesting background checks and pre-employment screenings, Shadow Trackers is always working to meet the demands of a technologically advancing environment.

Our company takes pride in providing services that are informative, comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective. Founded on a problem-solving approach, Shadow Trackers strives every day to assist each client in launching and maintaining a successful screening program that meets their needs.  The golden rule that Shadow Trackers stands by is the trust of our clients. It is our commitment to treat everything we do with complete confidentiality and integrity, and do it in the most accurate methods available.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and attention to detail, and we can handle all of your needs, regardless of volume.

With our team of experienced investigators and researchers, both local and nationwide, our expertise ensures that you will receive the data you need to make an informed decision. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with any questions you might have, and our personal service is second to none. We also have staff to assist French or Russian speaking clients.

Shadow Trackers offers many services such as background checks, employment screening, tenant screenings, records retrieval, and much more. With Shadow Trackers you get your results accurately, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. We guarantee that no other company compares to our service, price, quality of work, and eagerness to assist you with your needs. 

Shadow Trackers and their staff are very involved with the community, assisting others in need, and truly cares for each client. These are just some of the reasons we have been so successful and have grown to become one of the most utilized and trustworthy investigation companies nationwide.

* In states and or counties that require private investigators to be licensed, we utilize licensed private investigators for such work. Such license requirements are verified with each respective states licensing boards. In some instances, a third party may be used, who in turn utilizes a licensed private investigator from said states that require such licensing to retrieve particular information. Our goal is to protect all parties involved.


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Our Mission Statement [back to top]

LEAD your case around the principles of excellence, honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. Your case is as important to us as it is to you. We will do everything in our power to help you.

OFFER the best service and results possible each day. We are a firm who strongly believes in helping others, which is why Shadow Trackers was started, and keeping that in mind is what keeps us going. The best satisfaction we get is when we help our clients, that is what it is all about.

REMEMBER treating our clients fair is one of our commitments. Ensuring that your case will be treated as our only case and all energy will be directed to completing it in the fastest, least expensive, and a professional manner possible. Our service will be continue to be second to none.

ACTING in a dependable, caring, loyal, responsible, committed, and dedicated fashion is how we operate and a goal we strive to keep. We are up front and honest and will continue to serve you in this way, as we have in many years past.

RECOGNIZE our strengths and develop our talents further to help our clients, children of America, our community, and do this day in and day out. Each case is important to us and will be handled accordingly.

EDUCATE our schools and community by offering our services to all grade levels by speaking at schools. Continue to speak at functions where children are involved, and being a very active participant in our community by using our C.A.R.E. program, our web pages that relate to safety and drug awareness, and offering our assistance where needed. We will accept no fee for any public speaking.

HUMBLE ourselves by acknowledging that we cannot help every single person that comes to us but will strive to be the best by being a leader in our profession. We we will continue to help hundreds more, each and every day. We commit to leading by example and dedicate our energy in a positive manner.

Client Testimonials [back to top]

"Ron is a man of commitment and dependability; he has proven responsible in his ongoing business dealings with our organization. I have known Ron to personally sacrifice his time and energy in order to process valuable information for us in an efficient manner. most of all I have found Ron to be professional in his approach and yet very personable all the while. His ability to make clients feel comfortable and their needs important is what keeps us coming back time and time again. It is without reservation that I recommend Mr. Ron Kern. I know he will prove himself and asset to you just as he has to us." (Florida)
"We are an automated systems consulting company and have been using the services of Shadow Trackers for well over 2 years. We are completely satisfied with their service. It is not only timely and accurate, but the personal service provided by Ron and his associates is extreme and courteous. Together, we have performed over 60,000 background / pre-employment screenings and countless "special" investigations. We tried the "National" and "Online" companies before we found Shadow Trackers, but they were big-company, impersonable, and their charges were unpredictable and uncontrollable for anything but standard. We also have had occasion to cost compare Shadow Trackers with some of the other local investigation companies. Shadow Trackers is not only more cost effective, but the investigation reports are much better organized and readable. Last but not least, Shadow Trackers turnaround time is extremely fast. Rush orders are performed immediately and standard checks seldom run more than one day. I strongly recommend you use Shadow Trackers for all of your investigative needs." (Boise, Idaho)
"I have known and worked with Shadow Trackers in numerous situations involving theft investigations and prevention for approximately 16 years. I have found Mr. Kern to be thorough and detailed in the completion of his activities. I have observed him on numerous occasions pay strict attention to following policies mandadted by his industry, and have found him to work within the letter of the law. Mr. Kern also has been diligent to better himself by attending numerous fraud and theft seminars, and other activities by the Idaho Fraud Investigators Association." (Boise Police Department)
"This is a recommendation letter in behalf of Shadow Trackers. Our company has used his services for over 5 years. One of his departments provides serving claim forms for small court claims, locating persons so that we may take them to court, and locating persons that we have had an existing judgment on so we can garnish their wages. Ron has always been prompt, courteous, and very efficient. We have been very pleased with the service Shadow Trackers has provided us." (Boise, Idaho)
"Dear Mr. Kern, This note is slightly overdue. I want to thank you for the service you provided me in trying to locate "Melody" after 37 years. As you both know, "Melody" and I were high school sweethearts in 1959-1961. There was also the possibility of a child between us during that time period. Because our parents were against our relationship, "Melody" was sent to live with her father and we lost touch with each other. Probably more to my neglect than hers. Over the years, I have tried various means to find her starting as early as 1963 with no luck at all. Last September, I again tried. I did most of my own searching on the Net, solicited my sons help and still no luck. I called you. Ron, sort of a last resort, to see if there was a possibility of finding someone after such a long period of time. All I had was high school dates and a city of possible graduation. Women have a tendency to get married and names change and they get lost rather easily. I really thought it was impossible. Ron, you were very kind and explained that there was at least a possibility. You didn't make any promises, but you came across so positive, that I felt one last try was worth the effort. That was February 17th of this year. After a short delay, you found her!!! You called and asked me if I was sitting down. I was shell shocked. I had to get my wits about me and call him back later that day to make sure I wasn't dreaming. We have spoken a couple of times since and have revisited some of the missing years. We have both agreed that phone conversations cannot cover all the missing period. I am flying down to see her in about a week so that we may meet after such a long delay. Just so you both know, we are both married and grandparents, so the trip is just to meet face to face and talk about all that has happened over the years. We both feel, that a lasting friendship has been started because of you both. We plan to stay in touch with each other and not get 'lost' again. If anyone ever doubts that miracles can't happen, let them read this! Again, I can't put into words what this has meant to me. I think I told you, Ron, after a bout with a bleeding ulcer that almost took my life (lost 6.5 pints of blood in an hour, out of 8), finding her became very important to me. You can't put things off forever because time has a strange way of running out if your not careful. Again, a very sincere thank you. If anyone thinks that private investigators are just used to find 'problems', they are dead wrong. Also, if people think that your services are too expensive for the 'average' person, they are wrong again. Good things can be found if you just get the right people involved and you both are. Again, thank you and God bless."
"I read about Shadow Trackers and Ron Kern in The New York Times. I found out that this company was located in Boise, Idaho and wondered how in the heck they could help my business (40-60) employees, since I was 2,000 miles away. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I had great inventories until I stopped doing "background checks / pre-employment screening" on my employees. I thought since my business deals with merchandise that both large and small, I didn't need to do them any longer. Then, I started to lose a lot of stuff! I questioned how beneficial background checks would be. So I thought I would start doing them again. The company I used for pre-employment screening was Shadow Trackers services, and my inventories couldn't be better! Of the first 10 people that I had him check, five (5) of them had felonies on their record - All of the five (5) felonies were theft related. I wouldn't have known this unless I had Shadow Trackers conduct these background checks for me. They faxed the results of the background checks to me personally, and that information was essential on my hiring decision. They even offered to email or call me with the results. They were so accommodating! What was sent to me was clear, precise, quick, and inexpensive. Spending the little amount of money that I did for these checks, saved me and my company, a lot of money in the long run! After utilizing Shadow Trackers services, our inventory was the lowest we have had in 9 years! I spent a minimum amount of money to have Shadow Trackers do these background checks on both current and future employees and after tracking the progress, we have saved thousands of dollars and we couldn't be happier! I would highly recommend them to anyone whether or not you want to check on current employees, or want to screen future employees. I also check on them for validity and such, and know for a fact that they handle several major national accounts and come highly recommended!" (CEO of New York company)
"Ron was the best thing that happened to me. I decided to use his services since I had seen him in National magazines and television, and boy...was I happy that I did. He not only helped me pick the right employees...he offered FREE searches and advice for me and my business. His web page is something else! If you don't know about Shadow are missing the boat!" (Manager / Ohio)
"When I thought about finding a high school friend, I knew it would be a very costly and time consuming adventure. It started out that way and then I came across Shadow Trackers Investigative Services. They conducted a nationwide search, and the next day, I had a list of potential persons to call. I called on them, and soon found my friend. I was quite taken at how quickly things were done, and even more so on actually finding him. Needless to say. I wish I would have called Shadow Trackers sooner." (New York)
"What can I say? Shadow Trackers did exactly what they said they would, and I even received information 2 days sooner than I thought I would. I have always had some doubt with P.I.'s, but Shadow Trackers changed all of that. No hidden costs, no gimmicks, no games. They helped me with my problem, and I'm sure they can help you." (Canada)
"I hired Shadow Trackers to investigate a potential long term relationship, expecting it to cost a fortune and take weeks. In a matter of hours, not days, I had my information and at a reasonable price. It kept me from making the biggest mistake of my life! I would definitely recommend Shadow Trackers to anyone wanting fast, reasonable, and professional work done." (Idaho)
"I cannot believe that everyone does not utilize the services of Shadow Trackers Investigative Services. They have helped me with numerous services, but I use them mostly for background checks. Not only do they give me what I need, but they always take time out to meet me in person if needed. I plan on conducting business with them for a long time!" (City of Boise)
"When I needed to conduct background checks on a large number of persons for pre-employment purposes, I never thought it would be so easy. A friend told me about Shadow Trackers and how good they were, so I called them. Shadow Trackers Investigative Services not only gave me the information I needed quickly and legally, but they helped me to make the right choice on who to hire. The information sheet provided for each applicant was easy to read too. In fact if it weren't for background checks, I would have made some big mistakes in hiring persons with several serious misdemeanors, and even some had felonies! They are inexpensive, quick, and accurate. Getting background checks completed by Shadow Trackers on every potential employee will continue to be a part of my hiring process. I just wish that I had heard about them a long time ago." (State of Washington)
"I was looking for a relative for 23 years and contacted Shadow Trackers. They provided me with a list of eight people fitting his description. On the fourth call I located him. I can't describe the joy I felt after locating him after all these years. It has been a lifelong search and Shadow Trackers helped me locate this person in 24 hours!!! Don't waste your time, let Shadow Trackers help you." (Texas)
"I am an information broker and ended up calling Shadow Trackers for more help. Ron Kern provided me with a list of ten possible persons. On the third call, I found my clients friend. I now call him on a regular basis and his service is something I COULDN'T do without." (Boise)
"Shadow Trackers helped me minimize my childrens visitation rights as convicted felons were present while my children were in my ex-husbands possession. The small amount I paid was worth my children's best interests...and my own peace of mind. I suggest you call them as they treated me with integrity, honesty, confidentiality, and protected my family." (Garden City, Idaho)
"I got to your website through a post in the alt.private.investigator newsgroup (I'm not a PI, but a lawyer and former New York State Senior Investigator and I like to keep up). You've done a great job. If your investigating is as good as your internet skills, you have a client the next time I have a case in Idaho." (New York)
"I had thought i would have never been able to talk to my friend, after he had moved, until some of my friends had told me about how they had you guys search for their friends. And as soon as i got the information this morning, I had called him. It was so good to hear my friend again, since he had moved. I don't think i would have never been able to find him, if it wasn't for you guys. You guys are the best. Thanks alot for all that you have done." (Illinois)
"I had tried everything and was so frustrated..then I found you and with ONE contact I was able to find my missing friend! I will Highly recommend you to ALL that I know!!!!" (Marsha)
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